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The original TENGA revolutionary Flip Hole White lets you blanket yourself in the gently bliss of delicate internal details! Experience the supple texture of the softest of the Flip Hole series. A vacuum valve creates a firm grip upon entry before you slide your shaft past a series of stimulating orbs and waves that grab hold of you and deliver mind-blowing sensations. The End Orb provides 360 degree stimulation to the head of your penis once it reaches all the way down the tunnel. The Flip Hole is easy to wash and dry for a hygienic start every time, simply open it up, rinse with soap and water, use the included slide cap as a drying stand. As a further boost to your unique pleasure experience, your Flip Hole comes with sample size tubes of each of the TENGA Hole Lotion lubricants. The MILD lube is a thick lotion that delivers a soft, silky feeling. The REAL lube mimics the feeling of natural moisture. The WILD lube is a stickier lotion that maximized the sensations provides by the interior detailing of your Flip Hole.

Measurements: 6.89 inch overall length, 3.35 inches wide, 2.68 inches tall

Material: TPR, Silicone

Color: White

Note: Designed for 50 or more uses