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Our popular toy just got more affordable with this new chrome plated steel version! Have your cake and eat it too, with this chrome plated anal ball with an attached cock ring! Having a little something in your ass adds that extra new sensation that can send you over the edge, and the reasonably sized ball plug on this toy is perfect for even those new to this type of indulgence. Sometimes you can get used to the feeling of a smaller anal toy and it becomes less noticeable during your play session, this is where the attached cock ring comes in! Enjoy the nice cool grip of the metal ring around your cock and balls, and every time you move and thrust, the anal plug moves with it and makes its presence felt, delivering constant hands-free stimulation!

Measurements: Cock Ring has 2.06 inch internal diameter and 2.83 inch external diameter, Anal Ball is 1.25 inches in diameter, Insertable length of 2.35 inches (ball and shaft), shaft from cock ring to anal ball is 3 inches long.

Material: Chrome plated steel

Color: Chrome